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The website of cyber law clinic is being hosted and updated by SEMCOM, which is an internationally recognized and acclaimed academic institution of excellence managed by Charutar Vidya Mandal (a public charitable educational trust).  The website is in the form of a contribution by SEMCOM to the society and world.  The present website is only meant for information purposes.  It is here by specifically stated that no professional advice/ opinion of any kind or manner whatsoever, is either being sought or purported to be given on the cyber law clinic.  This website is aimed to creating more awareness concerning the various diverse aspects pertaining to cyber law.  This website is only identifying academic directions for querists and is seeking to bring to their attention the various emerging trends in cyber law.   SEMCOM CYBERLAW CLINIC specifically disclaims any liability of any kind whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, or impediment that may be caused to any person while relying upon the various directional academic inputs given by the cyber law clinic.

The present website aims to be an academic yet pragmatic collection of different informational sources of cyber law.  The website hereby contains various articles, links, notifications, web pages, write-ups, critiques, press clipping, data, and information in the electronic form, which are reproduced in the same manner as appearing in different websites.  It is hereby categorically stated and declared that the copyrights in the saved articles, links, notifications, web pages, write-ups, critiques, press clipping, data, information (which are indeed original artistic and literary work within the meaning of the copyrights act) belong to their respective authors/ owners / publishers / assignees.  SEMCOM does not possess to have any copyrights in the aforementioned articles, links, notifications, web pages, write-ups, critiques, press clipping, data, and information which continue to be the absolute property of their respective owners.  SEMCOM wishes to thank authors / owners /  publishers / assignees of the said copyrighted information, with the courtesy of whom, the said articles, links, web pages, write-ups, critiques, press clipping,  data, and information are made available on the present website for the purposes of academic review, discussion, comment, critique and for enhancement of the jurisprudence  concerning cyber law.  SEMCOM specifically declares that this website is an information rich website, which is seeking to archive the emerging growth of cyber law in the world, as it is emerging.  The present website is an academic website which is dedicated to the further evolution of cyber law jurisprudence and disclaims all liability of any kind, manner or character whatsoever concerning the contents of and / or the directional inputs given by or originating from the present website


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